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treating acne

positively clear is


more powerful than

other blue light devices

For years, dermatologists have treated acne with topical and oral meds, which
sometimes have serious side effects that make long-term treatment tricky. The
same docs also use a secret weapon with impressive results-blue light therapy.

A trip to the dermatologist's office can be time-consuming, but now you can tap the same therapeutic blue light
technology used by leading dermatologists in your own home-with the new Positively Clear 3-Step Acne
Skincare Solution.

Canada Medical Device Licensed-cleared blue light

Using a non-UV, high-energy light
source, the Canada Medical Device Licensed-cleared Positively
Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light device
treats mild to moderate inflammatory
acne by penetrating deep into your
skin to kill acne-causing bacteria. It's
so gentle and effective, even people
with sensitive skin can treat blemishes
long term.

The Positively Clear 3-Step Acne
Skincare Solution includes a cleanser
that's specifically formulated to wash
away dirt, oil, and makeup-priming
skin for your light treatment. There's
also a spot treatment product that
targets problem areas after the blue
light treatment to clarify your




100% of users reported fewer breakouts in just 8 weeks.