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We've all heard about acne, but do we know what it's all about?

Updated 06/14/16

Blue light is the most advanced technology for clearing acne

Face it. Even after you get clear, you need to keep up the good work to stay acne-free. Because acne lasts 5 to 10 years for the average teen, if you stop your treatment it's likely your acne will come back after a few weeks.

Being aware of what causes breakouts in different areas of your face, practicing good skin habits and sticking with your 3-step Positively Clear regimen will keep your skin clear and healthy for as long as it takes.

Decoding Your Face

Forehead: Common culprits like that stylish fedora, stress from finals or overdoing it on rich and oily hair care products could be to blame for a legion of zits on your forehead. Same goes for the chips and chocolate. Your forehead is a direct line to the digestive system so reducing fat and salt intake can help clear up skin.

Nose: Your nose is a haven for dilated (translation: clogged) pores, so check the expiration dates on makeup since you don't want to add more pore-clogging gunk to skin. The nose and heart are also connected, so you may want to chill on meat and spicy foods and swap in heart-healthy fats like avocado and flaxseed.

Between Your Brows: Ever notice that after you get your arches waxed you wake up the next day to the gift of whiteheads? Shaping your brows is a bacteria gateway, so make sure to use a salicylic acid face wash like our Positively Clear Foam Cleanser to help dodge breakouts.

Cheeks: When was the last time you scrubbed down your makeup brushes-or your phone for that matter? Any place where bacteria can thrive and make contact with your face is a hard no. Wash brushes once a week and use makeup that's oil-free and non-comedogenic. And don't even think about going to bed with makeup on. Come on.

Chin and Jawline: Welcome to puberty! Both areas are directly linked to hormonal balance. While you can't avoid life, you can eat clean and make sure you follow a good skincare regimen.

The Ears: Because zits happen there. The ears are associated with your kidneys, so make sure you take a break from Starbucks and start downing H2O. Lots of it.

Acne-causing bacteria is not your friend. Kill it and get clear, healthy skin in just 8 weeks with new Positively Clear 3-Step Acne Skincare Solution.

Blue Light It

Cleanse. Treat. Target. Getting clear, healthy skin is really that simple.
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