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what's acne

acne is

a complicated

4-step process

Acne is a lot more than a few embarrassing pimples. It's a complicated skin condition that occurs below the surface of your skin, in cycles that start weeks before a breakout actually appears.

Even though 85% of people 12-24 experience at least some form of acne, you can feel like the loneliest (and most unattractive) person in the world if it's happening to you. So how do you even get acne in the first place? Four steps come into play. It starts with clogged pores and ends with a red bump, whitehead, or blackhead that erupts on your skin.

get the dirt on why things

start to get bumpy

Luckily, while understanding acne can be complicated, dealing with it can actually
be really simple. The solution? Blue Light It



96% of users saw dramatically clearer skin in just 8 weeks.