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4 Sneaky Acne Offenders

There are a variety of underlying factors that cause acne: stress, hormones, and the presence of bacteria in most things we come into contact with. Some everyday items that you use may be causing you to break out without you knowing it. Here are 4 sneaky acne offenders and the simple things you can do to squash them.

1. Find Your Pressure Points

We're not talking about massage here. We encourage you to be conscious of the things that are pressed up against your face. Glasses, hats, and your own fingers can be the cause of an acne breakout.

Your beloved phone is one of the biggest pimple culprits. A device that is an increasing necessity in our daily lives, your phone collects dirt and oils from your fingers and any surface that it comes into contact with.

Your glasses are also guilty of causing acne. Perhaps you wear glasses and notice that you occasionally get a pimple on the bridge of your nose? Sweat and oily skin can collect and dry on the frame of your glasses which, when contacted with your skin for long periods of time can cause unsightly breakouts. Hence, the isolated breakouts that seem to always pop up on your on your nose and t-zone.

Are you an avid biker or do you wear hats or helmets that you regularly sweat in? Bikers find breakouts occurring along the chin. Why? Chin straps. If you find your forehead breaking out regularly and you like to bike or wear a hat during your workouts, make sure to clean items that come in contact with your face often such as helmets and hats. Facial wipes are handy when you need to clean the grime and sweat off acne-prone areas quickly and move on with your day.

Your own hands may be another cause of breakouts, especially if you have a tendency to touch your face. Do you lean your face against your hands while sitting down? Being conscious of this can minimize breakouts, especially around your jawline. As a general reminder about common hygiene, wash your hands thoroughly and often to prevent the spread of germs onto your face (which is inevitable). Don't forget to concentrate under your fingernails. Although long clawlike nails may come into fashion, they're a breeding ground for germs. You might not always see the dirt building up underneath them. But if you absolutely must have long nails, be diligent about cleaning them and don't fidget with your face.

2. Air Out Your Dirty Laundry

Yes, sometimes it's good to purge the dirt in our lives, and your own bed is a good place to start. Because we spend a large part of our day with our skin flush against a pillowcase, it's super important that we keep those fabrics extra clean. Skin regenerates nightly. At a microscopic level, dead skin cells shed, to be replaced by new cells. Where do those dead skin cells go? You got it - you're sleeping on them. Your pillowcase also collects dust, sweat, and any hair products left on your follicles. If you sleep on dirty pillowcases, you're essentially rolling around in dirt for 8 hours a night. So swap out your pillowcases weekly! And if you're short on pillowcases, then slip a clean t-shirt over your pillow instead.

In your bathroom, dirty towels can cause breakouts. Damp towels are magnets for mildew and skin residue. As much as possible, use fresh towels to pat your face dry. Also be careful to use gentle pressure instead of scrubbing your face with a towel to avoid irritation.

3. Tame Your Mane

Do you use hair styling products frequently? Does your skin come in direct contact with product around your hairline area? Many hair products contain waxes, silicones or oils that can wreak havoc on sensitive, acne prone skin. If you have long hair that comes in contact with your face, it could be transferring over hair product residue and germs from your hands. Its helpful to wear your hair tied back and away from your face.

4. The Usual Suspects

Now let's gain some control over the products that get up close and personal with our face.

Wearing makeup empowers us to feel confident about facing the world but be careful to not let dirty makeup brushes be the cause of your breakout. With every use, makeup brushes collect product, dirt, oil, and bacteria. It's important to give them a deep clean at least once a week, if not with more frequency.

Breakouts make shaving difficult. Your razor could be the cause of your breakouts. If you use disposable razors, then break the cycle and replace them once a week. In between shaves, sanitize the blade in a cup of rubbing alcohol or just before each use. If you use an electric shaver, clean it with alcohol after every use. Practicing good shaving habits can prevent the proliferation of acne, ingrown hairs, or infection.


100% of users reported fewer breakouts in just 8 weeks.